Simplified Chinese Radicals List – Free Printable Reference

 Simplified Chinese Radicals List – Free Printable Reference

Download: Version 6.1 (PDF)
Updated: Updated 2013/08/05

A stylish one page self-printable simplified radicals list ordered by stroke order.

For the bleeding edge version please see the Google Doc below. Big thanks to Philipp Rackl for providing the Germans translations.

New in Version 6

  • Added in 户 and made 戶 a variant
  • Removed duplicate 石
  • Added 攵
  • Split 西 and 覀 up
  • Edited a few English definitions


  • Based upon the CASS 189/POCD 188 simplified system that includes 其 and 业, both of which are not present in the Kangxi system.
  • Certain Kangxi radicals that do not exist in the CASS list have been retained, such as 生 and 牙.
  • Ordered by stroke-order. In most cases the stroke count of the most common form is used to dictate list position. For example, 食 is placed with 3-stroke radicals, since it’s most comon form, 饣, consists of three strokes.
  • Radical variations have been grouped together – for example, 覀 and 西, 己,已 and 巳.
  • Radicals that are classed as variants in the Kangxi System have been shaded in grey.
  • Pinyin pronunciation has been added to each radical, however since the single-character pronunciation for a lot of radicals is not commonly known, it’s better to refer to them by colloquial name.

Check out our post on for more info about this list.


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