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Learn Chinese with the First and Second 1000
Most Common Chinese Characters

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How it works

A stupidly simple & effective system to help you learn Chinese Characters.

1. Print & hang it on your wall

Put it somewhere you pass everyday, it will be a daily reminder and motivation to study. Check out these examples.

2. Look up characters

Spot characters you already know and the ones you don't. Memorize them together with their keyword and pinyin, or look them up with our reference sheets.

3. Embrace the Hanzi God (optional)

Give yourself fully to the god of Hanzi — make a daily offering or sacrifice (not recommended) and watch as your Chinese skills progress at an almost supernatural pace. Or just try to check it at least once a day and test yourself

Each character is shown with pinyin pronunciation, a memorable keyword and coordinates to easily look-up extra details.




First 1000


The first set of Chinese characters you should learn, or die trying

  • 1000 Characters
  • 5 levels
  • 90% coverage of modern Chinese

Second 1000


Just like our first poster, but 100% more intimidating

  • 1000 Characters
  • 5 levels
  • 90-97% coverage of modern Chinese

First 2000


Go from confused to confucius with our first and second poster combo

  • 2000 Characters
  • 10 levels
  • 97% coverage of modern Chinese

Designed in Taiwan

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